What to Expect

If it’s your first time at Landmark you can expect to be genuinely welcomed to our church. 

It doesn’t matter what your faith background, race, ethnic or economic status happens to be, you’ll be welcomed here.  From the time you arrive until you leave, our staff and volunteers are authentic and dedicated to helping you discover Jesus in an open environment that is safe for those with questions about faith and various life struggles.

Our 8:15 service is located in the Worship Center of the main building and blends musical styles of traditional hymns and the latest contemporary worship songs.  The 10:45 service is also located in the Worship Center and incorporates contemporary music in a more casual environment.  Both services are planned to last about 75 minutes.

Our services include a cappella, or “voices only” music.  Our worship leader and a team of singers will lead the way, so if you know the songs please join us.  If you don’t, feel free to listen to the words we are saying with the songs.  

In our church we have a weekly practice of communion.  You may know it as “The Lord’s Supper” or “Eucharist.”  This is a time to reflect and celebrate the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus.  We practice “open communion” and invite anyone who is a follower of Jesus to participate with us.

Another weekly practice is taking a collection.  You may have heard of it as “tithes” or “offerings.”  It’s a very important act of worship for us where we sacrifice and give money to God, along with a prayer that it goes to people and needs much bigger than ourselves as individuals.  If you would like to join us, please feel free to participate.  But as our guests, please do not feel any pressure to participate.

Finally, part of our service is a weekly message from our Senior Minister, Buddy Bell.  Buddy will use the Bible to teach important truths, then give practical application to live out that truth during the week.  He may use humor, stories, videos and testimonies to help teach you more about Jesus.

One big question about church is always, “What do I wear?”  At Landmark we have a diverse church family and want you to find your place in the mix.  Some may wear jeans and a t-shirt, while others may wear jackets, ties, or dresses. The most important thing is to be yourself.

We look forward to seeing you at Landmark.