Landmark commissioned a family in 2006,  Kevin, Charity, Josiah, Elijah,  Micah, & Moriah Linderman, to join a long-term church-planting and leadership development effort amongst the Sukuma tribal group of Tanzania.


The Sukuma of Tanzania, numbering over 5 million people, have been described as the largest people group in Africa that is still overwhelmingly trapped in witchcraft and folk religion.  They are renown throughout East Africa for their cattle-rearing, singing and dancing, and the power of their sorcerers and magicians.  One day, they will be known as a people who turned from idols, to serve the true and living God.

Kevin and Charity share Landmark’s passion for the lost and hurting, and they are utilizing their training in cross-cultural missions and holistic development as they contribute to God’s kingdom purposes in Tanzania. The Lindermans respond to open doors in villages within a two hour radius of Mwanza.  As they enter a village, they develop relationships and spend weeks sharing the story of God.  As people respond to the gospel, a church is planted.  The Lindermans then spend months, even years, equipping and encouraging local leaders in that church.  As leaders mature they even use them as partners in planting additional churches.

Through the efforts of their entire team, more than 100 churches have been planted, numerous ministries have been initiated, and dozens of church leaders have been discipled.

They are sent by God to proclaim and demonstrate the good news of God’s reign through Jesus Christ, and to empower local, indigenous churches to do likewise.