Mission & Vision

At Landmark:

Our mission is to lead people into a growing relationship with Jesus.

It does not matter if you have walked with Jesus for years, or just now learning who Jesus is.  We all can take steps closer to Jesus, and we are driven as a church by this mission.

Our vision is to be a community that shows the love of Jesus to people experiencing life’s struggles.

We know everyone faces hard times.  It can be sickness, financial struggles, loss of a job, divorce, grief, or just the hard times of life we see everyday.  No one is immune to hardships.  We firmly believe the presence of Jesus in our lives is the only way any of us can make it through hard times.  We know that our growing relationship with Jesus brings us all together to love, support and belong to each other when life’s struggles seem to overwhelm.  We are a community, bound together by Jesus in the hard times of life.

We want our church to be people that:

A – Adore God
B – Belong to a family
C – Care for the world
D – Disciple someone else

In order to accomplish this goal, the leaders of Landmark ask for three weekly attendance commitments from our members:

1) Sunday morning worship gathering.
2) Sunday morning Bible Study study.
3) Involvement in one of Landmark’s small groups.


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