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In the southeastern part of Africa lies the tiny nation of Malawi. Boasting some 14 million people, Malawi has grown in the heart of many in the Landmark church.

Facing the devastation of AIDS, a crippling drought that led to a severe famine, lack of medical personnel and supplies, and a growing orphan crisis, Malawians are in desperate need of help. Some 2 million orphans exist in the region today.


In 2003 the Landmark church partnered with the Malawi Project and sent a team of 16 individuals to make a difference. The trip had such an impact on the individuals that next year the number doubled to 32. These teams made up of college students, school teachers, engineers, carpenters, doctors, nurses, pharmacists, and landscapers, used the gifts and abilities to serve the people as a light for Christ.

Landmark members came together in 2004 to financially support the construction and operation of the largest orphanage in the country. Comprised of 25 buildings, Mtendere Village opened in February 2005. These children receive first class medical care, a nutritious diet, a warm bed, local education, and the love of Christ.  Today Mtendere Village houses nearly 150 children and more than 20 staff.  To sponsor a child, visit 100X Missions.


In 2003 Landmark shipped it’s first 40-foot cargo container full of clothing, medical supplies, and construction equipment to help the people of Malawi. In 2004 Landmark members came together to send three more cargo containers with two brand new farm tractors. These supplies go a long way in helping relieve the hardships the people face.

Since 2003, Landmark has sent more than 150 individuals to Malawi and ten 40′ containers of various items. Our church has grown in its love and passion for Malawi.

Every year short-term teams make one or more trips to work in Malawi.  We host a Bible school program with Mtendere children, host an area wide youth rally, participate in a village-based gospel meeting, perform construction and other hands on task on the property, and serve at Blessings Hospital.


Malawi became the base for Landmark’s newest mission in 2010, an HIV educational mission for church leaders in southeast Africa, including a model HIV project to be developed in rural Malawi.  Led by Dr. Bruce & Beth Smith, we anticipate equipping church leaders throughout Malawi to minister to those suffering with HIV and AIDS.  For more information visit

Currently Landmark is working to complete a surgical center at Blessings Hospital.  We look forward to being able to send surgical teams from America that will assist in performing much needed surgeries to the people of Malawi in the name of Jesus.