Compassion 21

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Compassion 21 (Inner City Ministry)

Compassion 21 is an outreach ministry that shares the compassion of Jesus with the Montgomery community meeting 21st century needs.  Multiple churches are working together to serve through six well organized approaches:

Benevolence: Tuesdays (year round) from 9:00 to 12 Noon at the Benevolence Center you can help distribute food items or work in the Thrift Store.  Prayer warriors are also needed to pray with those who request prayers.

Ministry leader:  Bill Page

Community-based Learning Centers:  

These are presently meeting in Tulane Gardens, Smiley Court,  and Paterson Court (we will also be moving into Gibbs Village in 2013).  These centers will be more holistic in that we will include equipping opportunities for parents and caregivers as well as the children.  Our goal is to have learning centers within the community.  Volunteers are needed to expand these community-based centers.  (September to May)

Ministry leader:  Becky Bagwell