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Our Sunday morning gathering is one of the highlights of life in the body at Landmark. With various ministries in action on Sunday mornings, we are always looking for volunteers to help. Complete the form below to see all of the many wonderful ways you can serve on Sundays at Landmark. We look forward to serving with you!

The “Your Serve” class will be presented at both Sunday school offerings (9:15 and 10:30) each Sunday in August. There will be no children’s classes or other adult classes offered this month. Please attend one Sunday in August to hear about how and why we serve the body and Christ together!

Landmark Church - Your Serve 2016

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Kids B.L.A.S.T. Junior

June 23-26.  Kids B.L.A.S.T. Junior is a half-day camp for students going into 1st through third grade from 8am 12 noon.  Click here to register.  Registration is $40.  Deadline to register your child and get a t-shirt is June 15th.

Small Group Information Form

Small Group Information Form

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Friend Day

A highlight of our year at Landmark is Friend Day.  Join us September 15th as we  start a new message series called “Mind Games.”  This series will help us attack the battles in our minds and come out on top.   This is a great opportunity to invite your friends to join us for this practical and encouraging message series.

2014 Small Groups

Service Groups

Leaders: Jay Northington (850-3844), Billy Camp (398-0002)
No Children’s Program (Day and Time to be determined)

Leader: Karen McCaughtry (220-8886) – Sewing Ministry
Thursday, 4:00-8:00pm (come and go); No Children’s Program;
Landmark Room 116

Leader: Don Favor (239-6663) Service Group
Thursday, 6:00-7:30pm

Leader: Mark Loudermilk (467-9514) Men’s Service Group
(Times vary according to project – call Mark for details)
Usually 2-3 times per month.


Bible Study Groups

Men’s Bible Studies

Leader: Joe Donaldson (315-7322)
Tuesday, 6:30am, Eastside Grill

Lunch Group
Leader: Paul Evans (328-0988)
Monday, 11:45am, Ruby Tuesday’s @ East Chase

Support Groups & Wednesday ABC Groups

Single Mothers

Leader: Uduak Afangideh (819-6586)
Wednesday, 6:30pm; Room 118 (Al Millergren’s Office)
The single mothers support group is for those who are single mothers either by choice or by divine design.  The goal of the group is to empower and encourage each other through Bible study, application of God’s word, fellowship and prayers so that we can raise our children to be who God wants them to be.

RSVP / Overcomers
Leaders: Ed Bice (799-3689, Tim Lee (315-5101)
6:30pm, Life Center Room 121
In RSVP spiritual 12-Step meetings, we talk about the everyday problems of an addictive lifestyle.  We share our experiences, strength and hopes from our personal lives, as well as the healing power we have received from the God of our understanding, Jesus Christ.


The Father’s Heart
Leader: Patrick Osborne (727-517-5369), Greg Black (799-3147)
6:30pm; Room 208
The Father’s Heart will be sponsoring a series of topics dealing with today’s social issues and the Biblical response.  The goal is to explore, inform, support and equip families and individuals as we all seek to follow the Father’s heart.

Digging Deep Into God’s Word

Leaders: Mark Loudermilk (467-9514), Chuck Stephenson, Kenny Pugh
6:30pm; Room 117
This is a working Bible study!  No lecture.  You’ll be given the tools for dynamic Bible study.  The Bible will come alive for you, perhaps like never before.

Walking With Jesus Through the Gospels (textual study)
Leader: Paul Spivey (328-5335)
Room 116

Parent Firehouse
Leaders:  Buddy Bell (221-4325), Don Gilliam, Jerry Greene, Lee Benson, Josh Fullman
6:30pm; Celebration Room
The Parent Firehouse is a safe place in the middle of the week for parents to support each other in raising our children in the Lord.  Though our focus is on teen parents, the group is open to all parents.  Each week will include a period of worship along with the study and discussion of scripture on the theme of THE POWER OF A PRAYING PARENT.  Each week you will leave with a powerful prayer to pray for your children.

Book Club
Leader: Rob McFarland (279-5264)
6:30pm, Life Center Library
Current Book:  Another Season by Gene Stallings

Ladies Class: “Mercy Truimphs” by Beth Moore
Leaders: Glenda Beasley (356-8920), Beth Camp (398-0005)
6:30pm; Room 207

Mind, Body, Spirit (Ladies)
Leaders: Terry Dees (233-0646), Aleah Goode (221-5340)
6:30pm; Boat Room
Come and Renew your Mind, Reclaim your Body and Revive your Spirit as we discover together who we are in Christ and what we  are supposed to be doing while we’re here.
Class format will be:
10-12 Minutes Reclaiming the Mind in prayer and journaling
10 Minutes Reclaiming the Body thru education or movement
30 Minutes Reviving the Spirit thru the Word

Camo4Christ (Outdoor Men’s Ministry)
Leaders: Al Millergren (558-3668), Mike Noble
6:30pm; Room 120 (Life Center)
Do you like to hunt, fish and camp?  We will discuss all of those topics, but mostly how to be a better Christian man.


Life Groups

Adult Groups Without Children

Leaders: Don & Linda Torode  (318-2323)
Sunday,12:00n,  Adult Prayer Group, Landmark Room 114

Leaders:  Tommy & Edith Vaught (324-5508), Bill Page (312-0712)
Sunday,12:00n, Senior (60+)

Leaders: Tony Smith (205-389-0128) Raymond Smith (734-419-3128)
Sunday, 12:00n, (Tri-County/I-65 North area)

Leaders: Garry Henry (850-1423), Kenny Pugh (233-6370)
Sunday, 12:15pm, Landmark Room 116

Leaders: Aaron Honaker (804-339-8556), Lee Benson (396-4233 / 399-7409)
Sunday, 12:30pm, Parents of Teens / Teens

Leader: Randy Diboll (224-9119)
Sunday, 5:00pm, (Living in the Holy Spirit)

Leaders: Buddy Bell (221-4325), Jim Sanderson (799-0075)
Sunday, 6:00pm, Members not in a group last year

Leaders:  Al Millergren (558-3668), Sam Morgan (324-8995)
Sunday, 6:00pm

Leaders: Pat Gregory (320-9330), Danny Luster (318-3163), Mike Noble (799-6978)
Sunday, 6:00pm, (Wetumpka Area)

Leaders: Doug Prater (251-363-9942), John Armstrong (201-0560)
Sunday, 5:30pm, (Titus Area – With or Without Children)

Leaders: Paul Spivey (328-5335), Mike Greene (398-1909)
Sunday, 6:00pm, 40-ish and up

Leaders: Richard Stewart (652-2620), David Johnson (409-9467)
Sunday, 6:00pm

Adult Groups with Children

Leaders: LeRoy & Sheryl Wilson (356-8811), James & Heidi Guy (318-737-8790)
Sunday, 12:00n, (following 360 service)

Leaders: Bill & Sarah Meadows (233-7201), Ennis & Melissa Price (221-1393)
Sunday, 1:30pm; Inter-generational; (South Montgomery Co)

Leaders: Jeremy Vest (799-2561) Jon Atchison (398-0676)
Sunday, 4:30pm, Families w/ small children, Landmark Firehouse Room

Leaders: Jean Noel Thompson (325-232-1465), Josh Fullman (235-9534)
Sunday, 5:00pm, (Families integrated with children)

Leaders: Jason Furr (296-2451), Patrick McCarthy (731-435-9432), Jason Coulter
Sunday, 5:00pm

Leaders: Nathan Capps (220-9326), Manuel Guice (669-1460)
Sunday, 5:00pm, Landmark Celebration Room

Leaders: Eric Gwin (868-2179), Kevin Thrash (808-342-5563)
Sunday, 5:30pm, East Montgomery

Leaders: Patrick Osborne (727-517-5369), Dale Moorer (399-1000)
Sunday, 5:30 Adults 30s/40s, Elementary Children

Leaders: Mitch/Rhonda Temple (318-3316), Todd/Joy Borland (399-9903)
Sunday, 6:00pm,  Couples Relationships

Leaders: Dale & Cassee Horn (296-3648), Clint Pulse
Sunday, 6:00pm

Mens Life Group

Leaders: Matthew Morrow (850-1208)
Thursday, 6:00pm,  All ages, Single or Married, no Childcare

Ladies Groups

Leaders: Kristin Pierce (713-385-8678), Christina Kadzamira (341-9097)
Thursday, 6:30pm, Young Women in their 20’s

Leaders: Dawn Howell (557-9060), Helen Diboll (430-9415)
Sunday, 6:00pm, Single Ladies Book Study, No Children’s Program but kids welcome

Leaders: Janice Blevins (294-3930), Dianne Gantt (260-8092)
Sunday, 2:30pm,  Wesley Gardens

Young Marrieds/Professionals Groups

Leaders: Ryan Cantrell (201-4949), Jonathan Morgan (425-4948)
Sunday, 12:30pm; No Children’s Program

Leaders: Ben Lassiter (399-7478), Steven Sirmon (398-2807),  Adam Donaldson
Sunday, 5:30pm;  Children’s Program – up to 5 yrs

Leaders: Brian Davis (315-7690), William Phillips (354-7812), Trey Hayes
Sunday, 5:30pm, 20-30’s singles, marrieds, With Children’s Program (under age 4)

Leaders: Ryan Kendall (833-2282), Anthony Staten (462-3615), Travis Kaye
Monday, 6:30pm; No Children’s Program


Leaders: Buddy Bell (221-4325) Trey Hayes (205-310-8724)
Tuesday, 7:30pm, (guys only)

Leaders: Derrick McMeans (306-7518) Chandler Moseley
Monday, 7:00pm, “Dwelling in Jehovah”  (co-ed group)

Leader: Trent Meriwether (300-5779)
Monday 6:30pm Life Center Lobby (guys only)

Leaders: Trish Wampol (205-506-1197), Jennifer Oleksa (546-4595), Sydney Smith
Monday, 7:00pm, (girls only)

Leaders: Heath Woodruff (399-3442), Luke Bell (354-6822)
Thursday, 8:00pm, (College/ Young Professional Guys)


All groups meet Sunday, 6:00pm in Life Center

Contact:  Wes Kohring (450-9853) or Nikki Fox (931-483-6759)

7th & 8th Grade Girls – Karen Boan & Hayden Borland

7th & 8th Grade Boys – Kenneth Boan, Steve Borland & Wes Kohring

9th & 10th Grade Girls – Gena Hill & Ashley Rives

9th & 10th Grade Boys – Don Gilliam, Zane Kirkland & Kenneth Hill

11th & 12th Grade Girls – Cristal Kohring, Marla Evans & Nikki Fox

11th & 12th Grade Boys – Bobby Rives & Paul Evans



Babysitting Sign-up


  • Please make sure your child has dinner before they arrive. Only snacks will be provided. Thank you.



Current Series

Starting February 15th, a study in Ephesians.  We’ll dive into what Ephesians says about our identity in Christ and who we are as redeemed people.